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Stirum Design realised this watch for ladies in 2005 on request of Hermès. The bracelet is made from the finest leather and the golden frame (yellow, white or rose) can be filled with diamonds. The name Arcole refers to a bridge where, during one of the Napoleontic wars, an officer was respected for his courage and bravery

The partnership between Stirum Design and Hermès started in 2003. During a first meeting with the Hermès design committé, three models of watches were presented. Arcole was selected for production. The two other models were also realised but are not commercialised yet. At the last fair in Basel (May 2007), Hermès proudly presented the new "mini Arcol". Actually Stirum Design works on a new alarm-clockproject. The commercialisation of this original piece of art is foreseen for 2009.




Stirum Design
Stirum Design
Stirum Design
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